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Cat Grooming - A Necessary Task

April 12, 2023

How often do you look at your cat and wonder how she got so dirty? You may have noticed that most cats have a lot of fur, or that their nails can get very long. Fortunately, for those of us with long-haired cats, there's no need to worry—they're just doing what comes naturally. Cats are very clean animals, but they still need to be groomed to keep their skin and coat healthy, as well as their nails (which can become long and sharp).

Cats will groom themselves:

Cats groom themselves to keep clean and healthy. They lick their fur to remove dirt and oil, and to spread saliva over their fur for waterproofing. They also groom themselves to remove dead hair, as well as loose skin that could get caught in their teeth. In addition, this self-grooming helps cats feel more comfortable with being touched by humans or other animals while they are being examined by veterinarians (or anyone else).

Long haired cats need brushing:

It's important to brush your cat's long haired coat. This will help keep the hair clean and healthy, removing dead hair and distributing natural oils that keep their coats glossy. Brushing also helps improve circulation in the skin, which can result in softer fur and a more comfortable feeling for your feline friend.

If you don't want to commit to an entire grooming session every few days, consider brushing as often as possible: once per week is ideal if you have a lesser furry cat; twice per week is recommended for longer furred cats like Persians and Maine Coons.

Long hair cats may need a professional to trim their coat:

If your cat has long hair, you may need to consider having her trimmed by a professional groomer. Cats with long coats can be difficult to groom at home due to their size and weight, as well as where they live. Professional groomers will know how to trim the coat so that it doesn’t get too short or lose its shape. They will also be able to give your cat a bath if necessary—this is not recommended for home grooming!

Nail clipping is important:

Nail clipping is important. They may experience pain from dry, cracked skin on the surface of your nail bed; this can be avoided by trimming carefully and regularly. Filing down too much can lead to infection at the base of the nails where bacteria can easily enter through open pores in between layers of skin tissue.

Baths are often not necessary:

You may be surprised to learn that cats don't need baths. Cats can get dirty from playing in the dirt, and they also shed hair all over themselves. But there are some instances when a bath is necessary: if your cat has an open wound or an allergy issue, for example; or if you want your pet to look good at a show or event (especially if it'll be competing against other pets).

But for most of the kitties, regular brushing is enough!

Cats are a beautiful and important part of our lives. They deserve to be kept healthy and groomed properly. It’s good to know which tasks need to be done, so that you can take care of your cat with confidence!