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Hamster Pet: 7 Important Care Tips

April 13, 2023

Uncommon but many people fall in love with keeping a hamster as a pet. The creature thrives to be an excellent pet that does not look for much of your attention. Its button-shaped bright eyes, tiny paws and whiskers makes it a perfectly adorable pet. Certainly, it is cute and cuddly to keep.

If you are looking for a pet for your kid at home, a hamster will be one of the best that you can get.

Though it is small, your responsibility towards your hamster will never be ignored. If you already have or are looking to welcome a hamster as your family member, you should be aware of some of the imperative pet care tips.

7 Care Tips For Your Hamster Pet:

1- A safe home:

As it is a small pet, you need to think of its care more precisely. You cannot keep it at your home like an ordinary pet dog or cat, but need to give it a safe habitat where it can feel comfortable. You can likely create something with tubes and accessories or bring a hamster cage that includes tunnels, running wheel, burrows or hides.

2- A good environment to live:

It’s not just about buying a fancy hamster cage, but also to develop a happier environment for the pet by keeping it in the correct place. Keep them around your family and let the pet hear the human voices. The practice will make the pet familiar with everyone and will be helpful to develop a friendly relationship at home. Try to keep them away from loud noises that may distress the pet.

3- Pet cleanliness:

Interestingly, hamsters don’t need serious grooming as they take care of themselves on their own. Consequently, you don’t need to bother with their bath, comb or any other grooming product. Though, you can brush their long hairs for any dirt or mat. For the same, you can use a gentle toothbrush. Alternatively, you can use a wet cloth to clean the hamster’s fur.

4- Let your hamster enjoy the time out of the cage:

Despite being small, you can always bring your pet out and let it relish the playtime. Bring some toys or utilities to exercise. Your time with the pet will strengthen your bond. At the same time, be cautious when it is out and guide them to prevent any injury. Set some boundaries near the play area and always be watchful.

5- Handle with care:

These small pets are so adorable that everybody wishes to take them and pamper them. Therefore, it is intrinsic to know how to hold them correctly without harm. Hold them with both hands and use the same to put them down. Make sure it is applied by everyone (family members and any visitor).

6- Feeding your Hamster:

Hamsters like to chew their food, and a well balanced diet will help keep them healthy. For a nutritional diet, serve your hamster different vegetables and fruits. Get them a serving bowl or dish and always serve food in it. Besides, change the dish everyday with fresh food. Some of the foods that are safe for your hamster are carrots, greens, apples, peas, cucumber, cereals, grains etc.

7- Hamster pet healthcare:

It is integral to always follow your pet’s health. Get their health check every quarter or half-yearly even if they are feeling alright. Visit a veterinarian for any complications instead of looking for aid from friends. Common health concerns for hamsters include loss of appetite, feet sores, blood in urine, bald patches in fur, overgrown front teeth, loose stool and running nose. Besides, any drastic change in your pet’s behaviour is a sign to visit your vet.

While caring for a hamster isn't difficult, the above pointers reinforce a basic understanding of what you're getting into when you keep one as a pet; certainly, it is more than just providing them water and food.

Spend time with your hamster and enjoy the fellowship!