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How To Keep A Home Alone Dog Happy & Healthy

April 9, 2023

If you have a dog or want to adopt one, it is intrinsic to understand that it will feel exactly like raising a toddler, as your efforts towards their care and safety remain an imperative factor. The creature will create a lovable affection that continues to grow with time. The fondness makes it difficult to ignore your pet, regardless of how much time you spend with him.

As many of us can feel, we cannot take our dog everywhere we go; we end up leaving him home with a family member or alone. Honestly, your pet needs a fellowship that supports being social and cannot be left alone for long hours.

So, how to leave pets home alone and for how long?

Certainly, there is not a direct answer to this ask, as it depends on your dog’s type (varies as per its age, mental condition and physical needs).

Things to consider when leaving your dog alone:

Well, when your dog is home alone, he needs someone or something for entertainment. If it’s not you, then he might jump on the other things at home; shoes, pillows, sculptures, toys etc. Consequently, to keep your dog home alone, you should consider keeping them engaged with several activities that keep them happy.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your home alone dog happy, safe and healthy:

Your dog’s safety:

Safety is the utmost factor that you should think of when keeping your dog home alone. Your puppy will appreciate having a safe place to stay when you're away. Choose a crate that's big enough for your dog to lie down comfortably. If you have an older or more energetic dog, confining him in a crate may make him feel trapped or stressed out, so if possible, try to find a way to keep your pup happy and comfortable while you're at home. Likewise, if you are planning to leave him free in a room, move the dangerous items out of his reach.

Your dog’s bladder control:

You can help your dog stay in shape by getting them outside on a regular basis. Your dog's bladder control depends on how often they need to go outside, as well as their physical needs and their schedule. Take your dog out last thing before you leave for the day and first thing when you get home, do it consistently so they'll get used to it.

Your dog’s emotions:

Depending on your dog’s emotions, you can understand how much time he can spend home alone. Observe your dog closely, if he likes to spend time sitting in a corner or enjoys seeking your attention when you are at home. These signs will help you make a decision. In addition, you can engage him in some physical exercises for better personal interaction. Review how his emotions change when you take him out for a walk or when he is left with toys to play with. All these activities will help you to perceive his behaviour when he is home alone.

Your dog’s food:

In case your dog is all alone at home (without any caretaker), it is integral to keep adequate food and water for them; keep fresh water bowls with some dry food. The arrangements will help with thirst and hunger till the time you return home. Again, organize everything in a clean area or in the crate to avoid any mess.

Your dog’s entertainment:

Just like humans, dogs too need entertainment for their boredom. These could be anything, such as pet toys, games, puzzles etc. Remember, when your dog plays with these items, he gets tired and needs to rest further. Eventually, a tired dog is a calm dog. Likewise, you can play music in your dog’s room to keep him quiet at home alone.

Your dog’s movement:

With technology, you can always view your dog’s movements, even when you are not with him. Install cameras at home that keep an eye on your dog. This will give you an idea of what he is exactly doing at home alone. The system also helps you discover your dog’s separation anxiety.

Your relationship with your pet dog is a long-term commitment. As a result, devote some of your valuable time to him; spending time with your pet will strengthen your relationship bond. Try them out; they are one of the most important companions in your life. You emerge as the light of their world, and your pet will love you unconditionally.