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Will my old cat get along if I bring home another?

April 6, 2023

It takes time:

Cats are creatures of habit. They like to know what to expect, and if you're introducing a new cat into the family, it will take time for them to adjust. This is especially true if they've lived with the same people their entire lives (as most cats do). You'll have to spend some time getting used to your new pet's presence before you can make any real progress in getting them acquainted with each other.

It may seem like an unnecessary obstacle at first—but remember that cats are territorial as well! If one cat feels threatened by another, there's no telling how they'll react under pressure or stress; so please be prepared for anything when introducing a new furry friend!

Avoid unpleasant surprises:

You don't want to introduce two cats who are likely to fight. If your old cat has been living in a separate room from the new one, she might feel threatened by their presence and act out of character.

You may also have to consider whether your new cat is able to live with other animals—your current home might not be big enough for both of them!

The First Meeting Day:

The introduction process has to be smooth. The first thing you can do is to make sure that your cats have someplace to go where they won't be bothered by the other one. If possible, set up their own play area in the house where they can hang out and get used to each other's scent before meeting face-to-face.

Cats are very social animals, so it's important that you don't try to force them together too fast—they need time alone with each other before getting together in public places like your living room or kitchen table!

Set up individual safe zones:

Now that you’ve got the cats separated, it’s time to set up individual safe zones. You can do this by putting cat food bowls in different spots or installing a cat tree in one area and making sure it has an escape route. The goal is for both cats to feel safe at all times so they can get used to each other before letting them meet face-to-face.

Look for the warning signs:

Unusually loud meowing, running away from one another, hiss at each other, they start fighting(this is an obvious sign). Separate them instantly and give them some space. If you have an outdoor cat, don't worry about leaving him alone when you take your new roommate out for walks—he'll probably find ways of getting into trouble anyway! You can also try playing with one in front of another so they're familiar with how close they'll need to be before being petted by either one.

Keep a close eye on them:

Cats are territorial creatures and will fight over territory and resources if they feel threatened by another cat. If your older one comes along who seems to be taking over the house or making too much noise, it's likely that you'll have to separate them for safety reasons (and probably because they're not going to get along). If you see signs of stress, separate the cats and get help from a professional. It's important for both parties involved in this process to take extra care not only during the introduction period but also throughout its duration.

Good signs when introducing cats to each other:

This is simple and oh such a wonderful sight. When they have no issues, even if it's an adult cat and a kitten, cats spend time in the same area, they play together, they eat together, no hissing and they even even purr and groom each other, they even end up sleeping together- this way you can even avoid an extra litter box. For you- this is the time for positive reinforcement. It works well with many pets.

Cats are very social creatures, and they can be easily overwhelmed by a new addition to their home. It’s important for you to keep close tabs on the interaction between your cats so that there aren’t any unpleasant surprises when you bring in the new cat! You should also make sure they have plenty of time alone together, so they can get comfortable with each other before introducing them both into your living space together.