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Your dog hates baths? Find out how to tackle it.

April 6, 2023

Dogs are loyal, loving and often times a source of amusement for us humans. That said, some dogs are more trouble than others—and one of the ways in which you can tell is if your dog hates baths. If your pooch refuses to get wet or won't sit still while you give it an extra scrub down, I know how it feels, I always used to complain- my dog won't let me bathe him, my dog tries to bite me when I give him a bath.. went around asking why do dogs hate water so much? are there even dog breeds that like baths? (Actually there are!) I found my answers and it helped me, so I'm writing this to tell you how to get your dog used to having its hair washed away regularly and hopefully love baths.

Try to make the bathtub a fun place:

If you want your dog to enjoy the bath time, you need to make it a fun place. This may sound obvious—and in some ways, it is—but many pet owners don't realize how important this step can be.

Try giving him a reward or treat when he gets into the tub. You can also distract him while he's getting cleaned up by playing with him or throwing toys around the room (if they're not too big). Try putting treats inside plastic containers so that they're easy for him to find later on!

Go for a walk before you bathe your dog:

Exercise is good for your dog's health. Taking your dog for a walk before you bathe him or her will help to reduce any stress and calm their nerves. A fresh air bath is also great for their skin, which can become irritated when it's over-bathed, so go ahead and take advantage of this opportunity!

Start at a young age:

Start bathing your dog when he is a puppy. It’s important to make this process as positive as possible for both you and the dog, so it's best to start early on. Your pup will likely be excited about getting his bath and will enjoy the attention that comes with being clean. If you have an older one, try using a sponge or washcloth instead of a bowl of water; this way he'll still have something fun in his mouth while getting cleaned up!

Use a calming shampoo:

Calming shampoos are a great idea if your dog is nervous about baths. They can help calm your pet down and make the experience more pleasant for both of you. Calming shampoos contain ingredients that have soothing effects on the skin, so they'll help reduce any irritation caused by bathing products.

But don't just buy any calming dog shampoo! If you want to make sure it's right for your dog and his breed, look for one specifically designed for him beforehand—you don't want him taking off with a bottle of liquid ecstasy after all!

Praise your pooch for good behavior:

If you want to encourage your pooch to go for a bath, be sure to praise him or her when he does something right. This is an effective way of rewarding dogs and can help them learn new behaviors, such as going into the tub on command or sitting still while being groomed by a professional.

Learn how to get your dog used to the sound of running water:

The first step to getting your dog to not hate baths is teaching them that the sound of running bath water is not threatening. You can do this by putting a treat in front of him and making him smell it, then asking him to sit before pouring some water on his head. Once he sits down and gets wet, give him his treat! This way he'll associate the sounds with getting something good and won't think twice about being bathed again soon (or at all).

The second thing you should do when introducing baths is make sure they're not painful or scary for your pup—both of which would cause them anxiety during bathing time. To avoid this happening, try putting some treats inside plastic bags or pillows so that if they get too scared during bathing time just give them one out!

Now that you know all this, it's time for dog bathing, start small, start by putting them in the tub for about 5 minutes. If they don't seem stressed out, then go for a longer bath. Don't forget the above steps oh and reward them with treats after every step along the way!