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Your Responsibilities Before Dog Adoption

April 4, 2023

Adopting a dog is a decision that comes with various responsibilities. You might fall in love with the dog’s adorable face initially, but before you take them home, you should think of their care and safety. It’s a true commitment that you have to keep up for a long time.

Ask yourself, "Am I ready for the commitment?”, “Will I be able to give attention?”, “Will my folks be ok?”, “Will my children get along?”. If “yes” is your answer to these questions then you’re already halfway through. After all, it’s not just about having a dog, but about adding a new family member who will be part of your life, everyday.

Now that you have made the big decision, let’s check some of the practical responsibilities that you should keep in mind before pet adoption.

1. Cleanliness:

With the new one in home, chances are that you will have to put a little more effort in cleaning. The fur will be all over the house, you will have to bear with the pee and poop until they're trained, if you haven't noticed, they walk barefoot everywhere, after long walks outdoors, bringing them back home with the dirty feet might be a concern to a few. Period time for some female dogs could be challenging. Different dogs have different times of the year. A little extra effort to know should help.

2. Cautious around kids:

It's imperative to keep an eye on your dog and young child to ensure that no harm is done. Adults in the house should not encourage harsh play with the dogs. The dogs don't realize that they have to be gentle with the kids. Kids can be notorious as well. Troubling the dog might lead to irritation and aggression.

3. Expenses:

Talk to your friends or reach out to the communities and get to the extra expenses that you will have to account for in your budget. Food, supplements, toys, Vet visits, accessories, hygiene products, health issues are the majority of the elements to be considered while budgeting. Life in general is filled with surprises, so always plan for contingencies.

4. Lifestyle changes:

Your life is not going to be the same once the dog walks in your door. Be ready for a roller-coaster ride of emotions. The unconditional love you get has no match, however other tantrums could drive you crazy too. For starters, be prepared for damaged sofa cushions, torn curtains, dirty floors, messy kitchen and many more. If those are a few indoor lifestyle changes, then there are a lot of outdoor changes too- Your dinner dates, friend visits, pleasure trips should now be dog friendly. If not, good luck finding a dog sitter. Oh and yes, you have to keep aside a fair amount of time to play. Trust us, the games you play with them are the best stress-busters.

5. Baggage:

Many dogs, especially stray and rescued dogs come with some baggage. If you're not aware of what the dog has been through in the past, you will have to observe and learn. The red flags can appear in different ways- from being scared to getting aggressive. Some dogs even carry trauma with them. With proper understanding, you can change their lives for good.

6. Neighbours:

Last in my list and maybe not the least, you have to be mindful of the neighbours. I spoke about dog personalities. Well, as you know every neighbour has a personality too. Urban dwelling is so close knit, that one gets irritated with the slightest disturbance around. Considering the busy lives everyone's leading, you can't even blame them. Your dog is too loud, your dog looks scary, your dog looks very cute, I know everything about dogs, listen to me- these are a few of the variations you'll have to deal with.

After reading all this, pet ownership might look like a huge task but that is nothing compared to the love and affection you will receive in return. It is delightful and amazing. It becomes easier when you choose the correct mate as per your lifestyle. Prepare yourself for the responsibilities to prevent any awkward situations and live happily with your dog. Sometimes it's so overwhelming that a doubt arises- are we even worth so much love?